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August 06 2017

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this is the content i signed up for

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A redraw of THIS. I’m so proud!!!

August 05 2017

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June 26 2017



One of the most bizarrely cool people I’ve ever met was an oral surgeon who treated me after a ridiculous accident (that’s another story), Dr. Z.

Dr. Z. was, easily, the best and most competent doctor or dentist I’ve ever encountered – and after that accident, I encountered quite a number. He came stunningly highly recommended, had an excellent record, and the most calming bedside manner I’ve ever seen.

That last wasn’t the sweet gentle caretaking sort of manner, which some nurses have but you wouldn’t expect to see in a surgeon. No; when Dr. Z. told me that one of my broken molars was too badly damaged to save, and I (being seventeen and still moderately in shock) broke down crying, he stared at me incredulously and said, in a tone of utter bemusement, “But – I am very good.”

I stopped crying on the spot. In the last twenty-four hours or so of one doctor after another, no one had said anything that reassuring to me. He clearly just knew his own competence so well that the idea of someone being scared anyway was literally incomprehensible to him. What more could I possibly ask for?

(He was right. The procedure was very extended, because the tooth that needed to be removed was in bits, but there was zero pain at any point. And, as he promised, my teeth were so close together that they shifted to fill the gap to where there genuinely is none anymore, it’s just a little easier to floss on that side.)

But Dr. Z.’s insane competence wasn’t just limited to oral surgery.

When I met Dr. Z., he, like most doctors I’ve had, asked me if I was in college, and where, and what I was studying. When I say “math,” most doctors respond with “oh, wow, good for you” or possibly “what do you want to do with that after college?”

Dr. Z. wanted to know what kind of math.

I gave him the thirty-second layman’s summary that I give people who are foolish enough to ask that. He responded with “oh, you mean–” and the correct technical terms. I confirmed that was indeed what I meant (and keep in mind, this was upper-division college math, you don’t take this unless you’re a math major). He asked cogent follow-up questions, and there ensued ten or so minutes of what I’d call “small talk” except for how it was an intensely technical mathematical discussion.

He didn’t, as far as I can tell, have any kind of formal math background. He just … knew stuff.

I was a competitive fencer at this point in time, so when he asked if I had any questions about the surgery that would be necessary, I asked him if I’d be okay to fence while I had my jaw wired shut, or if it would interfere with breathing.

“Fencing?” he said.

“Yes,” I said, “like swordfighting,” because this is another conversation I got to have a lot. (People assume they’ve misheard you, or occasionally they think you mean building fences.)

“Which weapon?”

“Uh. Foil.”

“No, it won’t be safe,” and he went off into an explanation of why.

Turns out, he was also a serious fencer – and, when I mentioned my fencing coach, an old friend of his. (I asked my fencing coach later, and, oh yes, Dr. Z., a good friend of mine, excellent fencer.) (My coach was French. Dr. Z. was Israeli. I never saw Dr. Z. around the club or anything. I have no idea how they knew each other.)

So this was weird enough that later, when I was home, I looked Dr. Z. up on Yelp. His reviews were stellar, of course, but that wasn’t the weird thing.

The weird thing was that the reviews were full of people – professionals in lots of different fields – saying the same thing: I went to Dr. Z. for oral surgery, and he asked me about what I did, and it turned out he knew all about my field and had a competent and educated discussion with me about the obscure technical details of such-and-such.

All sorts of different fields, saying this. Lawyers. Businessmen. Musicians.

As far as I can tell, it’s not that I just happened to be pursuing the two fields he had a serious amateur interest in – he just seemed to be extremely good at literally everything.

I have no explanation for this. Possibly he sold his soul to the devil.

He did a damn good job on my surgery.

He’s either a vampire dentist and literally 500 years old or you got your teeth done by a timelord

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and little boys, of course.




2017 is to 1990 as 1990 is to 1963


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hot news: male reviewer of wonder woman has never heard of lesbians in his life, more at 7

“lives sexlessly without men”

Weak cishet males

Amazon Society: *produces a 12 volume work on the subject of pleasure*

Diana: When it comes to procreation, men are essential, but for pleasure, not necessary.

Male Reviewer: I guess that means they don’t know about sex!

Me: Harold, they’re lesbians.

I thought it was pretty clear that both women (but very obviously Antiope) had wives/partners who appeared in multiple background scenes.  But even without that, uh wtf?


A lesbian friend and I were discussing how cis men can’t handle any kind of sexuality that doesn’t center men. And this is just yet more proof. OMG.

Just Amazons bein’ Palazons.

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it

June 25 2017

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—as if “fight like a girl” was an insult (f.v)

“Girls are made of pain.”


I’ve been seeing another spate of rumbling about the death of Tumblr/exodus from Tumblr. I’ve got no idea whether it’s likely to happen for my fandoms in the near term (I mean, I know it will eventually–no platform lasts forever–but I have no idea whether we’re talking six months or three years, say). But I wanted to share a bit of advice as a Fandom Semi-Old.

The thing about fannish migrations is that they aren’t organized. Any given fandom larger than about ten people is a herd of cats; we cannot readily be organized. Friends may coordinate; comparatively small and cohesive groups may coordinate (LJ RPers made a pretty impressively coordinated jump to Dreamwidth some years ago now); but fandoms are cat herds. Individuals saunter away when they feel like it and make a new home. Pretty much nobody who I knew in the LJ days wanted to go to Tumblr–and yet here we are, because fandom is not something you organize; it is an emergent property of people plus communication technologies. It happens, and God only knows where it will happen next.

(And yes, I include mail in ‘communication technologies.’ I am too young for the age of zines, but I am aware of them.)

So what I am saying is, if/when your particular fandom starts to decamp from Tumblr (if they have not done so already, and if they are on Tumblr at all–some fandoms never did come to roost here), the members of the fandom will probably not go at the same time, or to the same place. They will saunter away like cats and wander around for a bit and some will end up in one place and some in another and maybe there will come to be a collective consensus that Here Is Where This Fandom Is, but maybe there won’t; and even if there is, it might take a long time to happen. I remember when mailing lists and Usenet gave way to bboards, and thence to various blogging platforms and LJ, and then to DW and Tumblr, and also Twitter–and there were always people who just… didn’t, some fandoms never jumped from bboards to Livejournal, some still thrive on mailing lists, some went to Dreamwidth rather than Tumblr, some are mostly on Twitter, at least one of my favorite nostalgia fandoms is still mostly doing ZINES (although admittedly most of them are now webzines rather than mailed zines), and on and on and on. And a lot of them splinter, too.

So here is what I will tell you, as a veteran of many jumps. The most important thing is to figure out who you don’t want to lose touch with and find a way to keep in touch with them. I usually use email, because I am an Old, but it works. Texts, too. Various chat apps. Comments on AO3. Twitter, if you use it–I have tl;dr stamped on my forehead so Twitter is not for me (who can say anything in less than three paragraphs, I want to know???), but it works great for a lot of people. But something. That way, you can keep in touch with the people you care about, the people who make fandom fun for you, the people who enrich your life, even if a given platform dries up and blows away.

I was heavily involved in LJ back in its heyday. And because I reached out to them, I still email on a regular basis with some of my old LJ friends. And… the ones I didn’t, I don’t know where they are. 

So yeah. Redundancy. When a platform is in flux, that’s the best way to make sure you don’t lose what you love about your fandoms.

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I thought I was going to be fired because I just kept laughing. I also thought it would be funny to say lines that weren’t in the script just to make others laugh and ruin their take. – Lucy Davis

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If Marvel is humans becoming gods, DC is gods becoming human. And this is that done right. This reminded me of what’s wonderful about DC and why its characters are still timeless. When done correctly, it blends myth with reality, the ordinary with the extraordinary, mortal with immortal. It’s the closest we have to current Greek mythology. It’s honest. It’s powerful. It lasts forever. This is the movie that made me remember why I love DC in the first place.

NC: Wonder Woman

“If Marvel is humans becoming gods, DC is gods becoming human.” 

I have been thinking about this quote since I watched the video yesterday. 

 OK but “I don’t like bullies. I don’t care where they’re from.” ?

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“Her heart. When’s the last time you saw it?”
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Cinematography I’m gay for: the Confident Woman Walk

@allofthefeelings#Moana#Wonder Woman#we’ve found two of the four#where are confident lady walk earth and air?

Furiosa is Earth right?




we need to find the confident lady walk of Air !!!

got it. 

how to trick writers into giving you more fanfic to read









Works for comics and art as well.

…this has the opposite effect.

instead try;
I love you
*generic keysmash*
*lavish praise*
*inside fandom joke*
*quote fave part* *more generic keysmashing*

you. i like you

Also, the favorites:
3) why must you hurt me this way
5) This made me cry/squeal/giggle/wake the dead with my laughter
6) I almost woke my family laughing at ___ part
8) this is so cute I’m dying
9) and (writer’s name) strikes again!
10) I had to reread this bc it’s so good and I love it
11) I wish I could like/heart/kudos this more than once
Like, seriously guys, freak out with us and you’ll have us wrapped around your little fingers.

This is so true! A lot of the time, I get stuck in a writer’s hole. But whenever I get a comment like the above ones, it makes me want to write more!


i recently got a comment along the lines of “this is my summer fic, I re-read it every summer.”

which was good for them, because I had been looking at that entire set of fics, all several years old now, and wondering if I should take them down to make my dash cleaner and easier to navigate.

The fics will stay up so person can have their summer reading. which i wouldn’t have known about without that golden little comment :)

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